Alpine skiing for beginners

Alpine skiing for beginners
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MySkirent and Guillaume Neveux, ski instructor at the SCIAM (Ski Club International d’Annecy Marquisats), are providing you with some good tips about learning how to play in the snow, and have a great time in the process.

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Sharing an activity with friends or family, admiring beautiful landscapes and discovering magnificent views, taking a pause in a cosy atmosphere at a high altitude chalet. The inclination is there, but first you have to learn to ski !

A beginner at skiing? Guillaume, instructor at the SCIAM, gives us some advice.

MySkirent : What would be your 4 suggestions to get off to a good start in skiing?

Guillaume Neveux

1) Choose the right resort: go for a small resort, the ski passes are less expensive and to begin with, there’s no need for a big domain.

2) Check the accessibility of the slopes: there are quite a lot of green and blue pistes in resorts like the Houches, the Grand Bornand or the Gets for example. And in addition, the nice thing about smaller resorts is that children tend to create ties and may want to return the year after, they’ve gotten their bearings.

3) Don’t hesitate to take lessons right from the start, collectively or individually, which is more a matter of budget than anything else. In France, I recommend the ESF, especially for children, as ESF are the only schools that possess all the necessary infrastructures.

4) And above all, enjoy and make the most of the fun aspect.


To book or select a lesson, MySkirent lets you in on some tips:

You’re encouraged to book your ski lessons in advance. Over the internet you can benefit from special offers related to your stay and that way you’re certain of having a place.

In France the ESF (Ecole de Ski Française) remains the most renowned

You’ll also find the ESI (Ecole de Ski Internationale) which proposes lessons in several languages.

In Italy, the website lists a number of schools and enables you to choose, according to your resort, the most appropriate lesson.

In Europe

The website allows you to book lessons, often at more competitive prices.

Up there with the champions: Getting advice from a champion is possible, some have even opened their own ski schools, like Hermann Maier alias Herminator. He’s won two Olympic titles, four World Cup general classifications and three World Champion titles and then opened his school at Flachau (Austria).


MySkirent : How long, in your opinion, should an ideal lesson last?

Guillaume Neveux : No more than a half-day. For the rest of the day, you can try to steadily put into practice what you’ve learnt over the morning for example. Little by little you’ll gain confidence.


MySkirent : Is there an ideal period to begin ?

Guillaume Neveux : I’d say March: there’s still good snow, it’s not quite so cold and the days are getting longer.


MySkirent : How long before an adult or a child can manage a red piste?

Guillaume Neveux : Bad question ! You should fight against the race to succeed. Skiing is about sensation and pleasure. Try to get beyond your comfort zone, yes, but it’s the ski lessons that will allow to do that, bit by bit.


MySkirent : How to get all the odds on your side ?

Guillaume Neveux :

Be prepared: at least a month before the trip you need to prepare yourself physically, especially for an adult. Children have sports lessons at school, they’re more agile and often have better muscle tone.

Make sure you’ve got the right equipment : warm clothes, it’s a question of comfort, in order to be at ease, agile and not suffer from the cold, that could otherwise spoil your pleasure.

Have the appropriate material: it’s the first thing we look at when a beginner signs up. We make sure that they’ve got skis and shoes adjusted to their size. For children a helmet is obligatory and we recommend one for adults too, it can prevent serious accidents.

Take along a little snack: for example a cereal bar.


Additional advice from the team:

We recommend that you test your material by renting it, don’t go for outright purchase if you’ve never skied before.

For that, you need to be well advised.

On the page myskirent, you’ll find all the rental stores recommended by our community, the contacts and the different rental services listed.

In order to reserve the material best adapted to you, you’ll need to provide: your skill level, your height, your weight and your shoe size.


MySkirent : Are there any rules to be observed ?

Guillaume Neveux : On the slopes, just like in the car, there exists a highway code. In Europe, there are 3 common colour codes for pistes: blue, red or black. In France, this list is extended by green pistes.


MySkirent : What’s your advice when you’re overcome by cold on the slopes ?

Guillaume Neveux : Swing your arms in circles and otherwise drink some mulled wine! Or a hot chocolate for the kids !

For the feet, Salomon has found the ultimate solution and offers ski boots with integrated heating ! For women and men, Custom Heat is an inner-boot with an integrated battery and 3 different degrees of heat, with a heating autonomy of almost 18 hours.

As for the hands, if you get as frosty as the MySkirent team, you can always equip yourself with hand-warmers. You just slip then inside your gloves and hey presto, you’re set for the day !


Thanks for your tips Guillaume

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