Ski connected

Ski connected
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Holidays yes, but not without my smartphone!

Even up in the mountains your mobile can be useful. Before your trip, you need information to prepare your holidays, and once you arrive, we all want to share them!

We’ve listed for you our selection of the best apps.

Resorts are becoming more and more connected

Via the resort’s individual websites you can see the weather forecast live, or get a feeling for the overall atmosphere… it lets you dream a little and also means you can avoid any unwelcome surprises upon arrival. Check to see if the resort hasn’t already developed its own app, you’ll find all sorts of useful information: map of the pistes, weather alerts, events…

Unexpected connected spaces: So that you can stay connected even in the mountain tops, resorts are ready to try anything: the cable car Solaise at Val d’Isère, one of the most proficient ski-lifts in the world, climbing to 2,250 metres, offers 10 places with heated seating, a VIP cabin and free Wi-Fi aboard!

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Mobile apps

Tricount: Short reckonings make long friends

The essential app for any holiday among friends or as a group! Everyone records their spending and Tricount calculates the amount to be paid out and to who. Check-out receipts or a common funding pot become redundant.

Trip Advisor: Find the right mountain hostel 

Did you know? Trip Advisor also works on the slopes. The app will provide information on the quality and prices of restaurants at the resort, mountain eateries and bars at your holiday destination. Even in the middle of the mountains, you’ll find the table that suits your budget and your tastes.

 Skiinfo: The ski and snow app

It’ll come in handy for the preparation of your next ski outing: snowfall, webcams, weather forecasts… you can also contribute by posting your own comments and photos relating to your favourite resorts. On it you’ll find:

. Snow reports for your favourite resorts

. Advice/comments from skiers

. Alerts in the event of snowfall (powderalarm)

. Webcams directly from the ski slopes

. Weather forecast for the next 5 days

. Map of the pistes

Ski 360: Weather

It presents weather conditions, snowfall, best deals, webcams and activities in real-time for the resort of your choice. It’s also possible to post photos and comments and to review your ski path.

PowderQuest: Where do we stand with regards to snow cover?

This app indicates snowfall and the depths of snow reached so you can find the best spots. You can explore the best places and share this experience with your friends.

AR Earth: Name the peaks

Whether you’re an avid mountain enthusiast or you’re trying to impress your entourage, this app uses an augmented reality technique that enables you to name the surrounding peaks by combining various data: a map with the names of the summits, the telephone’s GPS and its orientation sensor.
SkiMaps / Navionics / Ski Montagne: Guide yourself

These apps give you access to a multitude of ski domain maps and will enable you to find your way on the slopes thanks to your smartphone’s GPS.

Mammut Safety App: Safety and rescue

This app can save your life, it’s a reference in terms of safety, particularly for off-piste. Compass, inclinometer, altimeter… its main features are as follows:

– Risk assessment (exposure, incline, overall degree of danger),

– Snow report

– Call for rescue

If you like a challenge:

Ski+: Specialised in ski performance measurements, it even proposes competitions with your friends or participating in world classification by entering different challenges. Let’s not forget the classics: weather conditions, snowfall and piste openings.

Alpine Replay: This app indicates the distance covered by you, the skier, as well as the drops in altitude, the calories burned and even the time spent in the air during jumps. It then allows you to share and compare your performance with that of your friends.

Ski Tracks: Designed especially for winter sports, the award-winning app Ski Tracks can accompany you all over the world. Record your day on the slopes and compare your experience in the mountains with the community of novices or hardened professionals as well as with your friends.


With this selection of apps, you’re going to have all you need and more!

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