How to choose your Nordic skiing equipment?

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Nordic skiing is a sport practiced on flat or gently sloping snowy terrains. It’s one of the best types of aerobic exercise, even more effective than running, cycling or swimming and is a great way to get fit. There are two different techniques used in Nordic skiing: the ‘classic’ technique which resembles walking or running. And the ‘skating’ technique which is more like roller blading or ice skating. The choice of material for your Nordic skis will depend on the technique you want to use, your athletic ability and your size.


Skating skis are usually shorter than classic skis. The right size depends on the skier's morphology, power and riding style. In general, the ski is usually 15cm taller than the skier's height. If you do not know your size, do not hesitate to ask staff at the rental store.


Classic skis are quite long, about 20cm taller than the skier's height. The right size depends on the skier's size, power and technique. A longer ski will offer a better glide but will be less maneuverable. If you're just starting out, it's better to choose a shorter ski.

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