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For the ideal break in Zermatt

In this article we’ll present the resort of Zermatt, the domain, its activities, the best places to take lessons, hire equipment, find accommodation… and of course, we’ll let you in on the local’s secrets, for a perfect day of skiing!

Skiing at Zermatt, the highest ski domain in Europe where snow is guaranteed 365 days a year. You’ll be able to ski on 360 km of pistes, between Switzerland and Italy. The ski lifts climb to high altitudes, right up to the Petit Cervin, situated at 3,883 m. The highest peaks in the Alps and the Cervin displayed before your eyes. This resort offers everything a skier could dream of and there’s something for all levels of expertise.

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Copyright : Pascal Gertschen

Presentation of the Alpine ski domain:

Ski period: 365 days per year

Number of pistes: 360 km of pistes, climbing to the Petit Cervin at 3,883 m.

Skill level: Pistes provide opportunities for all skill levels

A variety of activities are available Alpine skiing and snowboarding: you can ski in the summer just like in winter! 

In the winter you can take advantage of 360 kilometres-worth of slopes. To provide excellent pistesfor skiers and snowboarders right from the beginning of winter, Zermatt has spared no expense: the resort has invested in equipment that allows for snow whatever the temperature and slopes in tip-top condition for winter sports as early as the beginning of autumn.

Skiing in the height of summer: an experience worth trying at least once in a lifetime! Zermatt-Matterhorn boasts the biggest and highest summer ski domain in Europe. Discover the joys of zig-zagging through the snow when summer temperatures reign in the village below. Departing from Zermatt, the cable car takes you up to the Petit Cervin at 3,883 m, passing through the resorts of Furi and Trockener Steg. Once at the top, you can ‘schuss’ down 21 km of slopes. To enjoy the most stunning descents on the Théodule glacier, it’s advisable to get up early: it’s under the gentle warmth of the morning sun that conditions are at their best. The summer ski domain closes at midday.

  • A Snowpark in summer just like in winter:

The Zermatt Snowpark is a paradise where snowboarders and freestylers alike can fully express their talents… with a view of the Cervin! It can be reached via the Matterhorn glacier paradise cable car (3,883 m). The Snowpark is open nearly all year round and caters to all levels.

In the winter it’s on the Théodule glacier, which you can reach via the Furggasattel ski lift. You’ll find Slopestyles with three rails and three jumps (intermediary to professional level), Beginner Lines with twelve jumps and twelve boxes (beginner level) and Garden Rails with eight rails (intermediary to professional level).

In the summer a Snowpark is built on the Rosa plateauwith 15 rails, 7 boxes, 2 small jumps, 5 medium jumps and 3 large jumps.

  • Cross-country skiing:

It’s around the Matterhorn Terminal of Täsch that stretches the cross-country skiing paradise. From Zermatt, these slopes, close to Täsch, are accessible in 12 minutes by train. You’ll find 15 km of cross-country skiing pistessuitable for both classic and skating techniques.

The resort also offers the opportunity to do some sledging (to which 3 slopes are dedicated, easy to intermediary level), paragliding, high altitude hiking, heli-skiing…

A perfect day at the resort by Fabienne Fux-Schaller

Which ski route would you recommend for nature lovers?
So, take a look at the perfect ski day for (nature?) enthusiasts:

Which itinerary would you recommend for those in search of sensations?
Let’s take a look at the perfect ski day for athletic skiers:

Which is the longest descent with the quickest chairlift time?
The longest descent is 25 km long and goes from the top of the Matterhorn glacier paradise at 3,883 m all the way down to the village, which is at 1,620 m.
It’s a slightlylonger way to get to the startbut it’sreally worth it, as from the top of the Matterhorn glacier paradise you will also have a fantastic view over 38 four-thousander mountains and you can even see Italy and France,not forgetting the Matterhorn itself.

But even if it takes a little longer, it’s a convenient journey as you only have to change cable cars once. Indeed, from the valley station you take the Matterhorn Express (without changing) up to the station Trockener Steg and then the big gondola up to the Matterhorn glacier paradise. In addition, as from the winter season 2018/2019 there will be a new attraction which allows skiers to get up to the top even faster.

Where do you recommend taking a lunch break?
Zermatt: this is the Swiss alpine village with the largest selection of culinary experiences, even on the slopes.

Matterhorn glacier paradise




Where should I ski in the morning? …and the afternoon? To make the most of the sun…
As the skiing area is very well connected with cable cars, lifts and slopes you could, for example, start in the morning at the Matterhorn glacier paradise and then change over the Gornergrat zone to the area Sunnegga/Rothorn. And Sunnegga isn’t called “sunny corner” for nothing – this is where sun lovers can get their money’s worth.

Organising your stay:

  • Accommodation:

It’s worth mentioning that Zermatt is well-known for the ski-in / ski-out concept: you’ll find many hotels or lodgings along the slopes. They’re often to be found along winter hiking routes and snowshoe trails. Some of the hoteliers of those establishments that propose ski-in / ski-out are themselves mountain guides or ski instructors. They’ll be happy to accompany you through the snowy Alpine landscapes of Zermatt. List of hotels and lodgings to discover.

For accommodation at the resort you’ll find many great addresses on the tourist office website or at

  • For families:

The resort has earned the quality label “Familles Bienvenues” [Welcome Families]. Everything is designed with all the necessary well-being of families in mind.

  • Where to hire equipment?

Let yourself be guided by the community and don’t hesitate to add your contribution: List of renters.

  • Where to take lessons?

Several schools or organisations can assist you. In fact, the tourist office website enables you to directly reserve your lessons with a ski school or with a private instructor.

Zermatters – SKI / BOARD
Snowsports School
Prato Borni
Summit Ski & Snowboard School
Matterhorn Diamonds – Private Ski School
Skischule European Snowsport
Evolution Ski School
Alpine Swiss Snow Sports School AG
My Ski School – Ecole de Ski et de Snowboard Zermatt

The two schools listed below specialise in skiing lessons for children.
Zermatters – SKI / BOARD
Stoked Snowsports School

To strike out, but always well accompanied the Zermatters are recommended (
In order to fully understand what you’re embarking on when going off-piste, you can read our article on the subject.

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