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For the ideal break in Tignes

In this article we’ll present the resort of Tignes, the domain, its activities, the best places to take lessons, hire equipment, find accommodation…

Tignes is a group of 5 villages that form a high altitude ski resort. It sits in the French Alps, not far from the Italian border. With Val d’Isère close by, it’s part of the ski domain of the Killy area. The advantage of this resort is that it allows you to make the most of a superb domain in the winter, but you can also combine hiking and skiing on the glacier in summer!


Presentation of the Alpine ski domain:

“AT TIGNES, WE SKI BEFORE… AND AFTER EVERYBODY ELSE!” The resort can indeed boast about its opening period.

Summer ski period: from 23rdJune to 5thAugust 2018
Winter ski period: open from the end of November to the beginning of May
Alpine ski domain: 300 km of pistesin the winter and 20 km in the summer
Cross-country ski domain: 2 km on the Lake 2 km Chartreux 6 km Brevières
Skill level: All levels

Different activities are available:

Summer ski period: from 23rdJune to 5thAugust 2018

You can ski on the glacier’s 20 kilometres of pistesbetween 3,456 m and 2,724 m. An enjoyable programme, you can start your days crisp and fresh on your skis, then slip into your flip-flops for the afternoon! Treat yourself to ski runs in the height of summer, a glass on the terrace at 3,032 m, the panoramic view of the snowy summits…

Winter ski period: open from the end of November to the beginning of May

The glacier the Grande Motte opens from the end of September, then each sector opens progressively depending on the snowfall, which means you’ll be able to ski from 3,456 m (cable car arrives at the glacier the Grande Motte) down to 1,550 m (village of Brévières).

  • Halfpipe

The freestyle planet’s biggest stars measure themselves against its perfect curves during competitions of international scope… from mid-March to mid-April you’ll be able to put yourself in professional shoes and test this experience!

  • Snowpark and easypark

Modules for all skill levels! You’ll find modules for beginners, green and blue, then the red and black for the pros and advanced.

  • Airbag

Have a go at the tricks you’ve always dreamed about, in all security, on the Airbag: the 360, the backflip or flat spin will no-longer be a mystery for you!

  • Gliss’Park

Mini parallel slalom, Easy Box modules and mini boardercross (fun circuit) with raised bends and woops: challenge your little champions on their (playground) turf!

  • Boardercross

Come and try out the expert circuit*, more than 1,200 m of raised bends, woops, jumps and extreme curves!

Numerous other activities are waiting to be discovered, off the slopes: ice skating, snowtubing, ice diving, mountaineering, climbing, karting on ice, snowmobile riding, paragliding, snowshoeing…

Organising your stay:

  • Accommodation:

The 5 villages mean that Tignes can satisfy your many desires, for an authentic experience Les Brévières or Tignes 1800, a quieter stay at Lavachet, a relaxing stay at the Lake or a more festive break at the Village Le Val Claret.

You’ll find a large selection of lodgings on the tourist office website, or you can also check out Airbnb or

Hotels, apartments, tourist residences, campsites, shelters, clubs, there’s something for everyone.

  • For families: At Tignes kids are kings!

To have fun tobogganing, 2 slopes are specially set-up for the children at Tignes the Lake and at Tignes le Lavachet.

To start-out in skiing, moving walkways, ski-tows, low-velocity ski-lifts: every sector of the resort is equipped with at least one free ski-lift leading up to a green piste, short and on a gentle slope. Ideal to have fun and practice those first snow-plough turns in total security.

To go skiing without the children: 5 kindergartens are to be found at the resort

The company Caronounou offers babysitting services.

  • Where to hire equipment? 

Let yourself be guided by the community and don’t hesitate to add your contribution: List of renters.


  • Where to take lessons? 

Several schools or organisations can assist you. You’ll discover all the ski schools in the 5 villages at Tignes and even be able to reserve your lessons online via the tourist office website. Some schools are also open in the summer.

And for beginners, the resort hasn’t skimped on the means. The areas “1,2,3… ski!” allow you to evolve on the slopes according your level and at your own pace:


These spaces, 100% beginner, are perfect to discover and learn, without stress and at a lesser cost. They allow you to progress safely within an identified perimeter, and to reach them the ski-lifts are free of charge.


Pisteswith a sense of security but with longer ski-lifts to continue your evolution. Now’s the time to work on your technique and style on some real ski paths.


  • Connected resort:

Don’t miss out, on the resort’s app you’ll find the agenda, the list of activities, alerts (avalanche, etc.). Thanks to the webcam you can get a glimpse of the landscapes awaiting you.


  • To strike out, but always well accompanied

In order to fully understand what you’re embarking on when going off-piste, you can read our article on the subject.


We hope that this guide has helped you, don’t hesitate to share with us your #perfectskimoment on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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