Which skis are made for me?

Which skis are made for me?
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Three questions you should ask yourself before choosing the dream pair

Regardless of your level, you should take the time to choose good equipment to ensure maximum enjoyment on skis tailored to you. Myskirent will help you choose by answering three essential questions before any decision!

It’s hard to make sense of the myriad of technical terms and choose among the huge variety of skis. That being said, you can definitely find skis that will suit your use.


Beginner – you need to feel safe

At this level you have practically never skied before, you turn slowly and only venture onto green and blue runs.

In other words, you generally never leave the ski runs. You would enjoy a pair of skis that are easy to use and help you master the basic moves.

Intermediate – you want to improve

At this level you ski every year for at least one to two weeks and have mastered the basic moves. You know how to link turns and can tackle all the runs in the ski area.

You want to improve so you can go faster – you’ll need a comfortable pair of skis you can progress with to help you feel more confident.

Advanced – you are confident in any circumstances

At this level you’ve been skiing for a long time and are at ease on all types of runs, even the most technical. You’re confident anywhere on the mountain, even off-piste.

You’re always searching for new thrills – performance is an important factor in your choice of equipment.

Expert – your technique is perfect

You know how to carve, to ski switch, and can handle turns at top speed. You can ski off-piste with control and good flow.

You’re looking for a pair of skis that can accompany you on all your adventures! Your ski partner should be able to adapt to all your whims – freestyle, racing and freeride


Groomed runs

If you like to enjoy the mountains by staying in the ski area and are used to groomed terrain, choose shorter skis with a thin waist (80mm) and a large tip. These skis are responsive and will be ideal for controlling your speed and direction. Large tips enable you to take turns smoothly. Be aware that the stiffness of your equipment should match your level – the stiffer it is the more responsive it will be.

All mountain

If you’re versatile and enjoy both groomed terrain and off-piste, your equipment should be suited to all types of snow: hard, soft and powder. You need comfort, safety and easy handling to be at ease in all types of situations. Skis with a wider waist than carving skis (80mm) and a longer tip will also help you get a handle on all types of turns.

You’re searching for off-piste thrills and love leaving your mark in virgin snow off-piste – you’ll need stability and grip in the powder. For this, choose skis with a wide waist (90+mm) and a longer tip for better bearing in fresh snow and a floating feeling at speed. The rocker (reverse camber) or the double rocker is ideal to best handle turns.


You love showing off your style at the snow park and are always hunting for adrenaline and need to land both forwards and backwards. You’ll need light, flexible, resistant and strong equipment. Twin-tip skis are essential for you – they are raised front and back – allowing you to ski in both directions.



You should choose the length of your skis according to your height and the discipline you practice.

For carving skis, choose a length that is 5-15 centimetres below your height if you’re a beginner. For an expert, the length will be more or less equal to your height. If you ski freeride or freestyle, choose skis that are 5-10 centimetres below your height.


Your weight influences the responsiveness of the skis. A lighter skier will be more comfortable on a flexible ski whereas the heavier a skier, the more rigid the equipment needs to be to offer a better experience.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades and want to have equipment to suit your whims or the snow conditions, you may not be able to buy every pair you need. There is the option of hiring different pairs according to what you want. Keep in mind that when you go on a ski trip over several days, ski hire stores can swap your equipment during your stay – allowing you to adapt to different terrains, runs, the snow park, etc. Take advantage of our search engine to find the perfect ski hire store for you.

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