New snowsports hit the slopes

New snowsports hit the slopes
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Seeking new thrills by all available means

There are many ski resorts that now offer the opportunity to try new snowsports such as the snow scooter, snowkite and Snake Gliss. Whether you’re on the hunt for adrenaline, looking to unwind or just share a fun time with others, Myskirent has a list of hybrid snowsports you can try for the day or after a ski session.

  • Forget everything on a Yooner

A yooner is a hybrid snowsports machine, half-toboggan, half-ski. Fitted with a seat, shock-absorber and a ski, you stay seated with your legs and feet in contact with the snow. The Yooner was inspired by the paret, a small wooden sledge equipped with single central foot which appeared in the early 1900s and used up until the 1960s as a means of transport by children in vallée de Manigod, Haute-Savoie. Easy to handle for non-skiers, you steer the Yooner with your feet flat on the snow combined with small hip movements. It is available from age 8 and over.

Practical information: an initiation costs around €30 and around €8 to hire for a day.

Myskirent tip: head to the yearlyFrench Paret Championshipat the col de la Croix-Fry or the col de Merdassier (Manigod ski area).


  • Raise the sails on a snowkite

The snow equivalent of kitesurfing started in Canada in the 1990s and consists of being pulled by a 5-12 metre kite on skis or a snowboard.

The advantage: it’s a personal and eco-friendly chairlift! You can get up the slopes using just the force of the wind. Experienced snowkiters can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h and travel over 100 km a day. As you can imagine, snowkiting is for experienced skiers only.

Practical information: allow for around €130 for a three-hour lesson

Myskirent tip: avoid steep slopes and choose open valleys with untouched snow to practice snowkiting. Pay attention to the mountain and listen to the wind!


  • Reach new heights with speedriding

This hybrid activity is very close to paragliding and allows you to alternate between flying and riding. The wing measures between eight and twelve metres, enabling the skier to fly over inaccessible terrain. The aim is not to achieve high-altitude sustained flight, but rather to combine riding and gliding to negotiate the folds of the landscape and hurtle down the slopes. Speedriding appeared in France in the 2000s and the first school opened in Valrejus in 2004. As with snowkiting, you need to be an experienced skier.

Practical information: individual adult lessons cost between 220-€375

  • Pick up speed on a snowscooter

The snow scooter is a hybrid pushbike-snowboard invented by BMX professional Frank Petoud in 1991. It is made up of two separate snowboards, a fork, a frame and has handlebars to steer. You don’t need to be a snowsports expert to try the snow scooter – it’s designed for everyone – both young and old. Be aware that you should be in good shape as you’ll be using your whole body, especially your legs, arms and back. A two-hour lesson will be enough to master this little machine. That said, you’ll need a few more hours training to keep up with the best riders who hit speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Practical information: lessons cost between 50-€70 for a 1h30 session, depending on the ski resort.


  • Go head first with Airboard

This inflatable sledge was inspired by the bodyboard and invented in Switzerland. It weighs just three kilos and can be used to glide down gentle snow-covered slopes or tackle steeper sections, depending on the thrills you seek. Lying on your stomach 20 cm above the snow, you steer using small body movements to turn left and right. This new generation sledge is equipped with kevlar edges, meaning you can turn and drift around every bend. There’s only one rule: hang on!  Available from age 7 and over, this sport is for newcomers to snowsports and experienced skiers alike.

Practical information: a session cost between 12-€30 euros, depending on the ski resort.

Myskirenttip: head to the Mourtis ski resortto enjoy the Airboard stadium which is entirely dedicated to the sport.


  • Reach for the sky on the Big Air Bag

Ever wanted to try out stunts in complete safety? The Big Air Bag is for you. Designed for both skiers and snowboarders, the 15×9 metre air cushion will help you land on your feet…or not. Whatever the outcome, you can taste the adrenaline and soar in complete safety knowing that you’ll land on a soft air cushion. Most big air bags are available from age 9 and over and require a 3rd star level to control the trajectory.

Practical information: sometimes free of charge, otherwise around €2 per jump.


  • Make tracks on board the Snake Gliss

The advantage of the snake gliss is undoubtedly the fact that it’s a group activity. This quirky snake-shaped vehicle is made up of rows of identical sledges that form a unique train for up to 10 people!  An expert at the helm will meander with you through the ski area, your only job is to let them guide you (or slide with you). Most ski resorts offering this activity allow the guide and groups to head to the summit just after the ski runs close to enjoy a few kilometres descent at full speed. There is no age restriction, but you must be at least 125 cm tall to hop aboard the Snake Gliss.

Practical information:costs between 16-€20 depending on your age 

Myskirent tip: the seats at the front of the train are the calmest.The further back you are, the bumpier your ride will be!

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